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All PAINT BY NUMBERS Kits - Better than your ordinary Paint by Number Kits for Adults

A painted canvas is worth a thousand words. Let each stroke of brush spell out the letters of your thoughts & let the stress fade away with every color of the painting. Choose our spectacular "Paint by Numbers" kit as your confidante.

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We ship 50+ paint by numbers designs from USA. You can check all USA Paint by numbers here.

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How to in 3 easy steps

No painting skills are required to start painting with our DIY adult paint-by-numbers kits. Our Kit contains everything you need to start swirling the brush around. Let's show you how to get started.

Step #1 Order a kit. It’s as simple as selecting a painting you like and purchasing it. The default size for all our paintings is 40x50 cm unless specified. The kit will reach you as soon as we can possibly get it to you.

How to Paint by Number How to Paint by Number

Step #2 Get painting. Pull out your new kit and get started. A few key ingredients to make your painting experience go smoothly are: Working in a large, clutter-free space and a well-lit space. Starting from the top of the canvas.

How to Paint by Number How to Paint by Number

Step #3 Step by step and number by number when you have completed it, you will be stunned by the beauty of it. Frame it, hang it, see it and smile :) oh yeah, don't forget to send us a photo review.

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Custom Paint by Numbers

Thanks to All paint by numbers, converting ANY IMAGE to a paint by numbers kit is not a hassle anymore. Whether it's a picture or a painting floating over the internet that caught your attention, or it is one of your very own cherished photo which you want to convert into a painting, all you need to do is send it our way. We'll send your customized kit at your doorstep.

⭐ Free preview of your custom paint by numbers before you make your purchase. Send us your photo.
⭐ Free photo Edits & Enhancements
⭐ Free guide to choose the right photo to get the best results.

Things to consider:
1. Your photo should be larger than 700px from either side.
2. If there is more detail in your photo, please choose a larger size to avoid tiny sections.
3. Choose 36-paints or 48-paints option if your photo is extra-colorful.
4. Photos that are high-quality (not blurry, too dark or too bright) and have clearer objects & backgrounds get the best results.

All paint by numbers takes privacy very strongly and we will not use your photos for any other postpose than to make your custom kits. We will carefully dispose off your images after your order is complete.

We give a lot of importance to quality, custom paint by numbers take some extra time to get ready because they go through an extensive process of designing and color selection.
We really need your support. Due to the complex nature of these custom products, once we're processing your orders, we simply cannot afford to cancel them.

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If you have any confusions about placing order, please let us help you, just send us a mail.




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Painting by Numbers Tips & Precautions

There are no hard and fast rules to paint with numbers. Following are a few tips which always come handy when painting with these kits.

1. Start painting from the top of the canvas to avoid unwanted smudges.
2. Paint bigger sections (The easier part) of the painting first so you can focus on the fine detailing with more focus.
3. Choose a quiet and calm place for better effect of activity.
4. Remember to close the paint boxes which are not in use so that the paints don't end up dry.
5. Take your time with painting. It will be relaxing and worth enjoying.
6. Always wash your brushes with water when you switch colors.
7. Use the paint moderately since there’s only a limited supply provided in your kit. However, the paint is more than enough to complete the painting.

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How to Paint by Number

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