Paint by number is so popular


Remember that mesmerizing piece of art you saw on Instagram as a friend’s story? Well, you too can create such an astonishing piece of art and leave everyone in awe.

 Engaging in a creative process can help manage anxiety even if it’s as simple as following some directions. A wonderful blend of colouring book and a professional canvas, paint by numbers have taken over like a storm.

This unique stir attracts individuals of all ages. From a 5-year-old to someone in their 50s, anyone can create a great work of art by following Paint-By-Numbers kits. These super user-friendly DIY kits comes with some instructions, which anyone one can have regard for without a hustle. This unique way of painting makes art easy and approachable for all.


Painting on a canvas requires specific paint brushes and a theme which you need to select, the colour schemes and what not! That’s a lot of time consumption! Or simply imagine if you have a specific idea in mind to sketch, but you don’t have all the resources! How disappointing would that be! Here, at Paint by Numbers, you won’t have to face such a hustle. The kit comes completely customized with all the instructions and the numbers to follow and which colour goes in where, it’s a great investment if you are looking to spend some quality fun time. You just need to order your kit and


You’ll be amazed at finding all the essentials right there in your vicinity! Paint pods, essential Brushes, A canvas and the necessary instructions are ALL INCLUDED!


All Paint by numbers


Painting, in general, is considered as a craft which soothes the mind and increases concentration. In the current challenging times, when the world is going through a crisis, there is a dire need of such activities which can distract us from everything going on around us.

According to Stephanie, Director of Number Paintings Australia, there was an increase in popularity of paint by numbers in 2020 and during COVID-19 the popularity only seemed to increase. Paint by numbers has that ability in it to take your mind off of everything and lets you focus on the task at hand which is painting.

Paint by number kit


Let’s face it, we all struggle with the colour schemes at some time in our lives and that too is really frustrating. Unless you’re some sort of pro, or you’ve taken the proper classes it’s near impossible to get your colour combinations on point.

But is it too late now to learn such a skill? Well, there’s a big no from my side!

Because paint by numbers is here to save your back on that! If you’re a beginner then paint by numbers is the right place to land on as it’ll make you familiar with the colour theories. Most of the teachers use it in art classes in order to teach their fellow students how to paint.

Color theory


Leisure Time

We all know that this quarantine has all of us hooked to our phone screens, and we just can’t let go of them.

Staring at the cell 24/7 not only put strain on the eyes but also makes us lethargic. An easy to get away from this stagnant activity is to get yourself engaged in a colourful fun activity. Paint by numbers can prove a perfect alternative to break you from this cycle and get you going on the productive side.

Painting is a great way to keep yourself engaged especially if it’s leaving you a sense of accomplishment at the end.

Leisure Time

An All-Rounder

Did you notice when I emphasized on Paint by numbers being so popular? Well, I wasn’t bluffing.

This dear activity not only caters to the teens but is also equally cherished by the adults and even the elderly. It’s an all-rounder I tell you! The thing which I like about Paint By numbers is that it has to offer something for everyone. One thing which makes these kits so popular is that it has that engaging power which engulfs people of all ages!

All rounder

CALMS The Nerves

Feeling down? Not in the mood to face the sun today and the world seems gloomy? Look no further than paint by numbers is always there to save your back.

It’s proven and well researched that painting calms and soothes your mind while giving you a fresher perspective on life. So, what are you waiting for? Grab that kit and give yourself a treat to remember!

calm the Nerves

Getting Pro at Paints

You want to become a Pro-level artist but can’t afford to go to those expensive art schools? Well then, get those spirits back up high as where there’s a will there’s a way!

Paint by numbers will get you covered with all the essential skills you need to learn and Polish in order to kick-start that dream journey of yours. It’s really popular amongst the art teachers who use this technique to make their students learn faster! So, what are you waiting for?

Getting Pro at Paints

Stimulates an optimistic Attitude

Most of the individuals who’re just so lively and look at the brighter side of life are usually in love with colourful and bright-coloured things! Not just that it’s catchy to the eyes, but it also simulates the mood!

Painting always provides a safe-space to the artist in order to explore their creativity and promote an optimistic approach to life. Paint By number kits are just an amazing blend of this all and will leave you feeling so positive.



The freedom and power of choice is a treat to savour, and it’s something which inspires great artists.

There’s a huge collection to choose from, and the best part is that there is something to match to everyone’s taste. You can add several portrait kits to your cart and still feel the urge to shop more. I can pin down a whole day as to why paint by Numbers are so popular and the reasons would never end.

Art Gallery


Anyone not willing to try these kits out is really missing out on a lot! I highly recommend trying them out and see for yourself for once that what I and the rest of the world is talking about. I can write on and on for hours, but I think it’s best to leave the rest for you to discover and explore through your kits!