Best Vintage Paint by Numbers Kits (Best 10)

Our store has a large collection of different styles of paint by numbers kits ranging from romantic paintings to vintage ones, for whatever you are feeling like that day.

In this blog post, I would like to call attention to the 10 best painting kits in the vintage section, in no specific order. The first selection is a beautiful painting showcasing a ship travelling with a sunset in the background.

Vintage Picnic Table


This is a classic piece of art. A painting of a bowl of fruit and other delicacies spread on an old table. The period-style furniture and wine glass add the element of class. This is the perfect vintage painting for your next paint by number adventure.

A Ship in the Sea

vintage ship painting

This painting is one of the best in our collection due to its beautiful color scheme and the warmth that the fusion of colors of the sunset create on the canvas. The ship in the forefront creates a nice contrast to the sunset with its more neutral colors. This one is sure to be a favorite of yours

The City

The city

This painting is a scene of a winter morning by the river. The colors in this one blend beautifully into each other, and create an illusion of length across the canvas. The scene feels straight out of an old Hollywood film from the 40’s, and invokes nostalgia for the past.

The Old City Bridge

The bridge painting

Even though I mentioned that these paintings are not ranked in an order, this one is one of my favorites from the list. The way the sun reflects in the water catches the eye and the bright yellows and pinks in the painting beautifully complement the more subdued tones in the rest of the painting. If I had to describe the painting in one word, it would be ‘picturesque’.

The Haunted Piano

Vintage Paint by numbers

This painting is noticeably different from the others on the list, which are beautiful scenes capturing an old street or the view of a bridge on a bright morning, but this painting is haunting, and create an unsettling feeling. Its synthesis of cool and warm shades and the overwhelming number of items strewn about create an eerie feeling. This is the perfect painting for when you’re in a ‘Phantom of the Opera’ mood.

Sunflowers Painting

vintage sunflowers

This central color of this painting is yellow, the color of hope and optimism. The sunflowers overpower every other item, but when you look further into the painting, you notice how quaint the scene is. This painting can cheer up any room its hung in.

The Tree of Time Painting

Vintage tree of time painting by numbers

This is one of the more interesting and unique paintings in our collection. The painting is an abstract piece that shows the concept f time and growth. The colors of this painting are dull and on the cooler side of the color wheel, which helps the visuals stick in your mind. This can be a tough painting to create but the results will be worth the struggle.

Vintage Suitcase Galore

Old is Gold

This painting is for all those who are travelers at heart. The solid colors in this are striking against each other and command the eye. This will be a fun project to create and it will be a perfect way to express your sensibilities.

Rain in The Street

vintage street paint by number

Colors come to life on a rainy day in this beautiful painting. Looking at this painting will surely lift anyone’s mood. It shows liveliness and spiritedness in the middle of a busy street, and captures the mood of an early-morning drizzle. This painting is for the romantics at heart.

Red Flowers in a Vase

vintage vase

Red, the color of love and passion, is the principal color of this painting. The contrast of the various shades of green with the red creates a jarring feeling yet it perfectly portrays the despair of the flowers, meant to be out in the sun blooming, resting in the vase in a dark room. This painting is a contemplation, an invitation to explore.

All of the beautiful paintings in this list are available on our website, read to be ordered and delivered to you for your next painting by numbers escapade.


  • Do you have a enchanted forest idea???

    Annemarie Adams
  • Paint By Numbers is a really fun & healthy activity to do in spare time. A huge variety of painting kits makes it easier to choose best painting kit according to everyone’s choice.

    Jessica Caldwell

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